A New Hope: My plans for 2019


And yes, that’s a Star Wars reference.

So there’s been a lot going on in my life in the last 12 months. Over Christmas, and with a broken toe slowing me annoyingly down, I had plenty of time to think about what I want going forward, and how I can live my best life.

I love Buttercream. I love the opportunities its brought me, the friends I have made, the creativity its allowed, and of course, its tasty!

In my 4 years of Cake Decorating, I’ve featured in every major cake magazine, more than once, featured for major brands, and artists, taught at cake shows, taught internationally, even written for magazines! I have taken none of it for granted, and I have worked REALLY hard for all of it, and now its time to have a break.

WHAAATTT!!!?? Don’t worry, I’m not riding off into the sunset just yet. Everything I have created is still available, and I’m not leaving the world of cake completely.

I have re enrolled in University, to complete the degree I was undertaking, when my boys were first diagnosed with Autism (which is what led me to seek the creative outlet I found in cake). I will be studying Archaeology, with minors in Religious Studies, and a stack of Geology and Forensic type extras. I’m really excited, and cannot WAIT for it to start!

As you may imagine, a full time student workload is not conducive to full time blogging and social media broadcasts! I’ve also been itching to post more variety of posts, but within the niche of Buttercream, posts about making your own cleaning products, don’t mesh all that well.

That is why going forward my website, and my social profiles, will be named after me, Kerrie Wyer. Not only does this give me more scope to post anything and everything I feel like posting, but I AM Viva La Buttercream, so changing platforms to my name is still me!

I obviously won’t be posting 5 times a day, but I will be posting at least once a week, about school, home, lifestyle, productivity, recipes, cake decorating, anything I feel like. You’ll also see a lot more of MY life through my Instagram, rather than just a gallery of my cakes.

My Facebook Group will keep going, and I’ll be checking in about once a week, and of course all of my Tutorials are still on my Facebook page.

I realise not everyone will love this change, that’s cool, I won’t take it personally. I also know there are more than enough cake tutorials out there, that you won’t be left hanging! If you follow me exclusively for cake, I hope you’ll hang around and see what else I have to offer, and if you love me either way, I love you too!

I’m super excited about my life going forward, and I hope you’ll join me, for life, and all of its ingredients!

Kerrie x