Apothecary Labels

As any cook with tell you, labels are important. You’ve only got to mistake salt for sugar ONCE. Same goes for your magical ingredients! While your labels don’t have to fancy, you can use a sharpie on an old jam jar if you like, I like things to be a little extra ✨ I have created some commonly used Herbs… Read More »Apothecary Labels

Witchcraft 101: What is Witchcraft?

Whether you’re feeling drawn to Witchcraft, you want to know more after watching a cool Witchy film, or even if you were taught to fear Witchcraft, its almost nothing like you expect. Straight outta the gate, let’s talk about what Witchcraft actually is. Witchcraft is a practice. It is NOT a religion. Witches can be Wiccan, Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic,… Read More »Witchcraft 101: What is Witchcraft?